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We’re here to help! Our team has extensive experience assisting clients with all aspects of citizenship and residency programs. Please feel free to reach out if you need guidance on selecting a program, have questions about the application process, or need any kind of support. We’ll be happy to provide personalized assistance so you can navigate these programs smoothly. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything!

The minimum investment for citizenship programs typically starts at $100,000 USD or higher. For golden visa residency programs, the cost is €250,000 EUR or more. There are also additional fees including taxes, legal fees, and government processing charges. At this time, we work with clients who are able to invest at least these minimum amounts. Please contact us for a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with the citizenship or residency program you are interested in.

Some of the best citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean include St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, and Saint Lucia. The St Kitts passport offers visa-free access to over 155 countries, making it a very powerful passport. Grenada’s passport enables visa-free travel to China, Russia, the UK, Ireland and eligibility to apply for the E-2 investor visa to the US, which can be faster than the EB-5 program. Grenada and Saint Lucia are the only countries in the region that allow citizenship to be passed down for three generations. Their citizenship also comes with the rights to vote and hold public office. All three programs offer the full benefits of citizenship in exchange for an investment. Speak to our experts to determine which Caribbean citizenship is best suited for your needs.

We are an online platform, not an authorized agent ourselves. We work with trusted official agents appointed by governments to assist clients. Our services connecting clients with accredited agents are provided free of charge.

No in-person travel is required. Once citizenship is approved, you can receive your new passport through your authorized agent or at a local consulate. The oath ceremony, if needed, can also be completed at the consulate. Your agent can assist by collecting the passport on your behalf and delivering it. The entire passport issuance process can be done remotely.


Our team is standing by ready to answer your questions. We have extensive experience guiding clients through every step of obtaining second citizenship or residency. Please reach out so we can offer our best guidance.